American Marketing Association / Marketing Accountability Standards Board Common Terms Project

The American Marketing Association, in conjunction with the Marketing Accountability Standards Board of the Marketing Accountability Foundation are working to establish one common marketing language.

The objective of the project is to eliminate ambiguity in marketing terminology within organizations and across the marketing industry by establishing common language for marketing activities and metrics. The team is using Wikipedia as a repository for this growing list of marketing terms and metrics.

To become more transparent and accountable, it is ever more important for marketing to add precision to its common language. The growing list of terms with links to the Wikipedia entries can found on the Marketing Accountability Standard Board’s web site, a valuable new resource for practitioners and academics and students of marketing. The AMA’s online dictionary also contains links to the Wikipedia entries.

Establishing common language and definitions of marketing activities and metrics will eliminate ambiguity in marketing terminology and encourage trust and collaboration within and across the marketing industry & business communities. Marketing activities and metrics added or edited by MASB on Wikipedia include:

The common language terms and definitions are located here:

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