Fellows of the Academy

Fellows of the Academy

At the December 2003 meeting of the ANZMAC Executive it was agreed that the Academy would activate its distinguished membership category as specified in the Constitution. The following members of the academy have been awarded distinguished memberships that recognise them as Fellows of the Academy.

Harmen Oppewal Monash University
Janet McColl Kennedy University of Queensland
Pam Morrison Australian National University
Mike Ewing Monash University
Mark Gabbott Macquarie University
Roger Layton UNSW
Paul Patterson UNSW
Ian Wilkinson UNSW
Pascale Quester University of Adelaide
Janet Hoek University of Otago
Robert East Kingston Business School
John Roberts Australian National University
Jill Sweeney University of Western Australia
Jordan Louviere UTS
Peter Thirkell Victoria University, Wellington
Rob Lawson University of Otago
Peter Danaher Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
Mark Uncles UNSW
John Rossiter University of Wollongong
Geoff Kiel Effective Governance
Geoff Soutar UWA
Les Johnson Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
Rod Brodie University of Auckland

The ANZMAC Constitution sets out the applicable criteria for distinguished memberships:

Fellows of the academy

  1. The Academy shall encourage members to aspire to recognition as a Fellow of the Academy.

  2. Fellowships shall be conferred on nominated members who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee and the Fellows, have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Academy and also demonstrated eminence in the Marketing discipline through research, scholarship, education and leadership.

  3. Any member of the Academy may nominate another member to become a Fellow. Nominations will be considered by a selection committee consisting of equal representation from the Executive Committee and the Fellows and chaired by the Convenor of the Fellows.  The Convenor will make recommendations to the President of the Academy and those recommendations that are approved shall be conferred at an annual general meeting of the Academy.

  4. The conferring of a Fellowship may be denoted by the personal use of the title, Fellow of ANZMAC, or FANZMAC, on business cards or letterheads.

  5. For a Fellowship to be retained the Fellow must be a paid-up member of the Academy. When a Fellow retires from active employment the person may be elected as an Honorary Fellow by the Fellows. Honorary Fellows are not required to maintain paid membership of the Academy.


Once the group of Fellows exceeds six or more people, consideration may be given to running a special Fellows Forum. This forum could produce ideas and suggestions for the discipline and the Academy, and would be formally channeled through the ANZMAC Executive.

It is not proposed to provide any budget or specific resources to the Fellows.


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