Distinguished Membership

The Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) invites nominations for Distinguished Membership of ANZMAC, with the award to be presented and the title of Fellow conferred at the ANZMAC 2012 Conference.


  • Nominees will normally have

    • held continuous membership of the Academy for the previous five years,
    • attended at least three annual general meetings during those five years
    • made some significant contribution (e.g., to the doctoral colloquium, special sessions, etc).

Nomination for the Award: Nominations may be made by any member of ANZMAC. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Criteria for Selection: The Constitution requires that the nominee have demonstrated an advanced standing in all of the avenues of marketing research, scholarship, education and leadership. When selecting distinguished members the selection committee has interpreted the advanced standing as having demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Academy and also demonstrated distinction in the Marketing discipline through research, scholarship, education and leadership.

The nominee has demonstrated eminence in the Marketing discipline and outstanding contributions to the Academy. Eminence in Marketing must be demonstrated through research, scholarship, education and leadership activities.

  1. Outstanding contributions to the Academy can be in the form of serving as President or taking on major Executive activities. Alternatively, it can come from successfully organizing the annual conference or PhD colloquium. Outstanding contributions can also be in the form of editorial work with AMJ, or any other leadership activities that has deemed to have advanced the Academy.
  2.  Eminence in Research and Scholarship is evidenced by, refereed papers in the best international journals, scholarly books, awards for research, editorial duties with leading journals that have achieved international peer esteem. In addition, the practical use of research findings by the marketing profession can be taken into account.
  3.  Eminence in Education is evidenced by teaching awards, the implementation of innovative teaching methods or software, the writing of case studies and marketing texts, and the mentoring of PhD students.
  4.  Eminence in Leadership is evidenced by holding for example, a major and successful leadership role in the marketing school or department of a university in the Australia or New Zealand region. Success in a leadership position in marketing academies and/or practitioner organisations must be demonstrated in terms of significant individual contribution which has led to changes and advancement of these organisations.


The submission should include:

  • A statement from the nominator addressing the selection criteria provided (of no more than two pages, minimum 12 font)
  • A current curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • Any other supporting documentation deemed relevant to the application as appendices (up to five pages).

Submissions and Deadline: 

Please submit nomination document electronically to Associate Professor Liliana Bove, , Chair ANZMAC Awards Committee, by Monday, October 14, 2013.

The nomination materials should include an electronic version of the most significant publication.


The Selection committee is chaired by the Convener of Fellows with two other Fellows and two members of the Executive Committee (excluding Fellows who may be on the Executive Committee). The Convener makes recommendations to the President of the Academy and those recommendations that are approved are conferred at an Annual General Meeting of the Academy.

Current Distinguished Members List

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