Marketing Learning Outcomes Working Party; Development of Marketing Learning Outcome Standards

The ABDC is sponsoring a project to develop learning outcomes for providers of Bachelors and Masters by coursework degrees, focused on marketing.  The purpose of this project is to develop consensus across the marketing higher education community on threshold learning outcomes for marketing bachelor and coursework master degrees. This is in preparation for addressing the Teaching and Learning Standards, one of the five standards domains under the new national regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Marketing is the second discipline for which specific threshold learning outcomes will be developed, the first being accounting.

This project relies heavily on consultation with the marketing community. It will start with input on current practices, by higher education providers. The working party will consolidate this input and prepare a draft of a document for further discussion. Feedback for this document will be solicited from members of professional associations, employers, and peak bodies as well as from public and private providers of marketing higher education.  We encourage all members of the marketing community to become involved in this project.  To be involved in this project please sign up at the Marketing Learning Outcomes website

Project stakeholders

Leader Prof Andre Bonfrer (Australian National University)
Team Prof Susan Dann (Australian Catholic University),

Mr Jeff Laurie (APM College of Business and Communication, Think Education),

Prof David Low (James Cook University, Townsville),

Prof Rebekah Russell-Bennett (Queensland University of Technology),

A/Prof Catherine Sutton-Brady (University of Sydney),

A/Prof John Wilkinson (University of South Australia),

Advisory member: Mark Freeman (Australian Business Deans Council)

Participants Australian National University, Australian Catholic University, Think Education, James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney, University of South Australia
Funder Australian Business Deans Council
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