Post Conference Housekeeping

Thank you to everyone for the ANZMAC 2011 conference. As the high point of the year, the conference brings with it many results, rewards and outcomes – some of which need to be documented on this site, and some need postprocessing for other places.

Over the next couple of weeks, some sections of the site will be unavailable (Prizes and Awards for example), as the new content is incorporated, and the details and information for 2012 is prepared. Please bear with us as we undertake the upgrades and change.

ANZMAC is also transitioning to a new membership system for 2012, and we have taken down the old membership form whilst we prepare for a better system to buy “Between Conference” memberships. If you are particularly interested in an ANZMAC membership, and did not attend the conference in Perth, e-mail the ANZMAC Webmaster () to be notified when the new system is live.

Everything should be back up in place and running smoothly for the start of 2012

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Welcome to the improved

Welcome to the (new or improved) version of the ANZMAC website.  Never one to miss a challenge, ANZMAC decided to launch the new variant on the site a few days before the annual conference.  In the fine tradition of technology, we’ll be excusing the construction mess by calling this the “beta edition”. Whilst we’re finishing off the skirting boards and replacing the carpets, here’s a few useful links

ANZMAC 2011 Conference | Conference Social Program | Timetable (XLS) |  @ANZMAC

We’re building the content, expanding the community and developing our way to an interesting future for ANZMAC as an online entity between our annual face to face conferences. To do this, we also need you – we can post calls for papers, job ads and journal special issues to our hearts content, but our LinkedIn pages, Facebook group and other community aspect will only work if people participate, try it out, and get involved.  We’re building the clubhouse, and opening the virtual doors for you to be part of ANZMAC.

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