Advancing Theory, Maintaining Relevance
  Hosted by the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, Faculty of Business, QUT 4-6 DECEMBER 2006, BRISBANE QUEENSLAND  
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Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference 2006.

Hosted by:

The School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


4-6 December 2006 (Monday - Wednesday)


Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane

Conference Chairs:

Professor Charles Patti and Dr Judy Drennan

Conference Proceedings Chair:

Dr Judy Drennan

Conference Proceedings Editors:

Dr Yunus Ali
Ms Maria van Dessel

Conference Program Editors:

Mrs Elizabeth Macpherson
Ms Ingrid Larkin

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Gold Sponsor: Monash University

ANZMAC 2006 acknowledges the generous support from Monash University, Gold Sponsors of ANZMAC in 2005 and 2006.

ANZMAC complies with the academic research conference guidelines as set down by Department of Education, Science and Training, Australia (DEST), and other organisations. For Australian delegates, the Proceedings are Category E, Conference Publications: E1 * Full Written Paper * Refereed.

ANZMAC also complies with the requirements of the Performance-Based Research Fund administered by the Tertiary Education Commission and other organisations. For New Zealand delegates the Proceedings are classed as Quality-Assured Conference Papers (Refereed). All papers have been subject to a comprehensive, double-blind peer review process. All such papers which have passed the competitive review process are accepted for presentation at ANZMAC 2006.

By submitting their work for presentation at the Conference authors have assigned to ANZMAC and the Queensland University of Technology, a non-exclusive, royalty free copyright licence to use their work and publish it in full or in part on the World Wide Web, on CD-ROM and in printed form with the ANZMAC Conference papers or for any other purpose in connection with the ANZMAC Conference.

The ANZMAC 2006 Conference Proceedings have been provided to all delegates and is available via the ANZMAC website (www.anzmac.org). The abstracts for these papers also appear in the printed "ANZMAC 2006 Program and Abstracts" that accompanies the CD-ROM.


Prof Charles Patti

Dr Judy Drennan

On behalf of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), we extended a warm welcome to all delegates to the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference 2006. This year, we welcomed delegates from 25 nations meeting here at QUT?s Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, Australia?s River City.

QUT is a leading Australian university, known as 'a university for the real world' because of our close links with industry and our relevant teaching and applied research. Hence, we consider that this year?s conference theme ? Advancing Theory, Maintaining Relevance ? is particularly important as a step toward further building a stronger connection between the academic discipline of marketing and the practice of marketing.

The program reflected the conference theme with leading academic thinkers and a broad mix of academic papers complemented by a number of sessions featuring industry leaders.

We were delighted to have Professor Michael Rothschild as this year's keynote speaker to share his thoughts on key marketing issues. Professor Jean-Charles Chebat joined us as a panel speaker, along with our valued industry members; Ben Norris from Queensland Health, Kevin Moreland from BCM and Peter Rubinstein from RADD, stimulating some interesting debate on integrating theory and practice.

Acknowledgment of paper authors

This year, 340 papers were presented in 20 tracks. We thank all of the authors for preparing papers for the Conference. We also extend our sincere gratitude to track chairs and reviewers for their significant efforts in providing valuable feedback to authors and managing the reviews and final selection of papers. Your collegiality, insights and contributions are appreciated.

Words of thanks and appreciation

Our sincere thanks and appreciation are due to the team of academic and professional staff from the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at QUT for their tireless efforts in ensuring the success of the Conference. We also recognise the contributions made by the Faculty of Business, especially the Web Support team; Frederic Fery and Kathryn Heiser for their excellent work in creating the Proceedings CD along with the painstaking efforts of cross-checking across papers and programs to make the final product perfect as far as possible. We also acknowledge the contributions by the broader QUT community, particularly the support from the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business, Professor Peter Little and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Coaldrake.

We acknowledge the professionalism of the Continuing Professional Education unit at QUT, particularly Kelli Dopson and Kerry Williams who worked on the Conference. We would also like to recognise the student volunteers who have provided assistance in the lead up to and during the Conference period. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the support of the sponsors of this year?s Conference.

We trust you enjoyed the ANZMAC 2006 Conference and your time in Brisbane.

Special acknowledgments and thanks

We would also like to extend a special thanks to renowned researcher and marketing academic, Professor Michael Rothschild who travelled from the USA to be our keynote speaker. In addition to the valuable contribution to the theme and to the standing of the ANZMAC Conference, Professor Rothschild also delivered a presentation at the Doctoral Colloquium and provided a tremendous opportunity for marketing academics and doctoral students to engage with this highly experienced scholar.

Professor Jean-Charles Chebat also played a key role at ANZMAC 2006, participating in the panel discussion at the Tuesday morning plenary and as the plenary speaker at the last session of the Doctoral Colloquium. Thanks are also extended to our industry panel members, Ben Norris from Queensland Health, Kevin Moreland from BCM and Peter Rubinstein from RADD, for their insights on real world issues and how we, as academics, can make a difference to practice.

In addition, the offer by Emeritus Professor Michael J. Baker, Editor of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, to host a "Meet the Editor" session, provided a fortuitous occasion for academics to increase successful publication outcomes and engage with Editors in two of marketing?s high-ranking journals.  As an added bonus, Professor Baker and Wiley Publishers have awarded a cash prize of $A250 for a selected paper in the Consumer Behaviour Track and prize winning authors were invited to submit an extended version of their paper for publication in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. Similarly, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd presented cash prizes of AUD$500 for the best papers in Track 11 for the International Marketing Review and Track 13 for the European Journal of Marketing. Recognition for best paper in the Corporate Responsibility track was kindly provided by the Journal of Public Affairs and Wiley & Sons, UK along with a prize draw for a red and white "Wine of the Year" donated by Tilde University Press. Many of these awards are a first for ANZMAC and are a true indication of the calibre of the papers submitted and presented, along with the strong reputation evolving for the annual ANZMAC conferences. The ANZMAC 2006 Organising Committee is proud to have been instrumental in attracting this generous support from leading journals and hope these new alliances will continue for many conferences to come.

We offer a special word of thanks to the ANZMAC conference organisers who have gone before, and particularly the organisers of the 2005 Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia. Each year the bar has been raised in one way or another, and this has been to us both an inspiration and a sure sign of a rapidly maturing and seasoned academy of scholars within the Australasian region. Associate Professor Jill Sweeney, Professor Geoff Soutar, Dr Sharon Purchase, and the rest of the UWA team provided a fine example of how to manage a very professional conference and were generous in sharing their experiences with us. We have also been helped in this by the Executive Committee of ANZMAC, under the chairmanship of Professor Rob Lawson. Various members of the Executive Committee have provided a welcome sounding-board for new ideas, as well as ensuring a degree of continuity from one conference to the next. 

Finally, we acknowledge the major sponsorship of ANZMAC 2006 by Monash University's Department of Marketing. We also acknowledge the sponsorship provided by Pearson Education Australia, McGraw-Hill Australia, Thompson Learning, John Wiley & Sons Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and the University of Newcastle, as well as Interpretive Simulations, Elsevier Australia, Footprint Books, Colmar Brunton, and Tilde University Press. We also thank the many marketing schools and departments that so generously sponsored tracks prizes, and in-kind sponsorship donated by Castlemaine Perkins (XXXX), Clovely Estate Wines, Vending Solutions and Go-n-Show. For further information about and links to the many Conference sponsors please go to the Sponsors page.

ANZMAC 2006 Organising Committee

Conference Chairs

Professor Charles Patti
Dr Judy Drennan

Conference Proceedings Chair

Dr Judy Drennan

Doctoral Colloquium Chair

Dr Amanda Beatson

Doctoral Colloquium Deputy Chair

Dr Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Conference Program Editors

Mrs Elizabeth Macpherson
Ms Ingrid Larkin

Special Interest Session Co-Chair

Mr Shane Mathews

Program Chairs

Ms Ingrid Larkin
Dr John McDonnell

Sponsorship Chair

Mr Bill Proud

Promotion Chair

Mrs Elizabeth Macpherson

EMAC-ANZMAC Research Symposium

Professor Rod Brodie

Conference Coordinator

Ms Maria van Dessel

Budget/Finance Coordinator

Ms Sue Chapple

Committee Members

Dr Yunus Ali
Dr Max Briggs
Mr Richard Oloruntoba
Dr Steve Pike
Ms Robina Xavier

Industry Breakfast

Dr Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Conference Secretariat

Ms Kerry Williams
Ms Kelli Dopson

Special thanks to:

Ken Thomas
Jennifer Probert
James Perkins
Dominique Keeffe
Rhys Sarri
Cheryl Leo
Michelle Hall
Nadia Zainuddin

Disclaimer: The information contained is correct at the time of publication (29th November). Queensland University of Technology, the Conference Organising Committee and Host Organisations shall not be held liable for any costs or damages arising from any action based on the information contained herein.