Track 20 - Tourism Marketing

A Regeneration Option: Tourism in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Peter Wiltshier (University of Derby)

Airlines? Promotion of Places through the Travel Experience: An Exploratory Study of Two National Airlines
Andrea Insch (University of Otago)
Magdalena Florek (The Poznan University of Economics)

Conceptualizing Body and Mind Motivation in Sun and Sand Tourism Consumption
Nina Prebensen, Kare Hansen, (Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromso, Norway)

Corporate Brand Identity and Image Congruence in the Leisure Services Sector: A Stakeholder Perspective
Joanna Minkiewicz, Felix Mavondo (Monash University)
Kerrie Bridson (Deakin University)

Customer Value of Second Home Ownership: Insights from a Mature Market (Switzerland)
Robert Weinert, Christian Laesser, Pietro Beritelli (University of St. Gallen)

Don?t Rain on my Parade: Barriers to Ecological Tourism
Nicole Hartley (University of Technology, Sydney)
Paul Harrison (Deakin University)

Ecotourists: Do They Really Care More About Environmental Sustainability?
H.E. Perkins, D. Grace (Griffith University)

Getting them off the Boat: An Exploratory Study into Cruise Ship Passenger and Crew Motivations to Disembark
James Henry, Maree Thyne (University of Otago)

Importance of Wine Festival Characteristics in Determining First-time and Repeat Visitors? Festival Experience
Ruth Taylor, Tekle Shanka (Curtin University of Technology)

Measuring Perceptions of Service Quality within the Visitor Attractions Sector
David Lynch (Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness (CRIC), University of Ballarat)

Measuring Tourism Competitiveness: Research, Theory and the WEF Index
Geoffrey I. Crouch (La Trobe University)

Mega Sports Events and Host Country Image: The Case of the 2006 FIFA World Cup
Magdalena Florek (The Poznan University of Economics)
Tim Breitbarth, Francsico Conejo (University of Otago)

Moving Towards Integrated Urban Marketing: A Vision of Sustainability & Creative Strategic Collaboration
Ute Jamrozy (Alliant International University)

Riding the Thai Elephant and the Search for ?Authenticity?
Cathi McMullen (Charles Sturt University)

Schwartz Values Clusters and Tourists? Activities
Julie A Lee, Geoffrey N Soutar, Timothy M Daly, James B Kelley (University of Western Australia)
Jordan Louviere (University of Technology, Sydney)

Social Network Power and the Social Nature of the Destination Branding Process
Giuseppe Marzano (The University of Queensland)

Study Abroad - Opportunities for Cultural Awareness
Tekle Shanka (Curtin University of Technology)

The Winery as an Experiential Stimulation: Differences between Passage and Proximity Tourism
Francois Durrieu (Bordeaux Business School)

Tourism Destination Marketing - Organisation through Networks
David Ermen, Jürgen Gnoth (University of Otago)

Values Relevant to Japanese Tourism Behaviour in New Zealand
Leah Watkins (Univeristy of Otago)

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