ANZMAC Conference Travel Awards for Doctoral Students

ANZMAC Travel Awards are designed to assist full-time doctoral students who wish to attend the ANZMAC conference to present their work, and who might not otherwise be able to attend. Applicants must be studying at an institution that holds Institutional Membership of ANZMAC at the time of application. Up to two awards may be made each year. Each award will consist of up to $1,000.

ANZMAC Doctoral Travel Awards 2012 (rules criteria)Past winners of the ANZMAC Travel awards are

2012 Gaurangi Laud RMIT
2011 Haodong “Harry” Gu UNSW
2010 Fabian Held UNSW
2010 Claire Johnson University of Adelaide
2009 Chelsea Wise UTS
2009 Kenneth Yap UWA
2008 Adeline Chua Phaik Harn Otago
2008 Adriana Campelo Otagovia Aberystwyth


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