ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Award

ANZMAC provides a $5,000 award for the best doctoral research proposal (10 to 20 pages) and presentation, (based on originality and contribution to the discipline area), made at the annual ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium.  The $5,000 prize is awarded as a scholarship to attend the following year’s EMAC Doctoral Colloquium.  This is a very prestigious award as the winner is given a guaranteed place at the EMAC Doctoral Colloquium which has a quota and is extremely competitive to gain acceptance.

Note the successful student must be enrolled in a PhD program at an ANZMAC Institutional Member University preferably in at least their second year of full time studies (or equivalent part time).

The recipient of the award is determined by academics participating in the colloquium including ANZMAC Fellows and the Colloquium organizers.  As the scholarship is intended to cover the costs of conference registration, accommodation and travel, it is expected that the successful student will receive support from his/her own university to cover any additional costs associated with attending the EMAC Doctoral Colloquium.  If a suitable candidate is not identified, the award will not be made.

2010 Jo En Yap, University of Melbourne, presenting “Doing Privacy”: Exploring the Nature of Consumer Privacy and the Strategies to Achieve Privacy”

2011 Angela Cruz,  University of Auckland Business School, presenting “Acculturation as Performance: Southeast Asian Immigrant Consumers in New Zealand.”

(Correction: The previous announcement of a joint award incorrect ascribed the award to the winners of the DC travel awards.)


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