Distinguished Membership

Guidelines for Selection for Distinguished Membership

The Executive has established the following criteria to guide how it will evaluate applications under section 3b of the Constitution. Nominees will be evaluated across all four criteria but the Executive will be prepared to weigh outstanding contributions in particular areas against more limited involvement in others.

  1. A significant research contribution to the discipline as evidenced by books, refereed papers in major journals, awards for research, the practical use of research findings by the marketing profession;
  2. A major contribution to marketing education. This educational contribution would be evidenced by such things as teaching awards, the successful use of innovative teaching methods and the writing of case studies and marketing texts and the mentoring of PhD students.
  3. A major and successful leadership role in the marketing school or department of a university in the Australia and New Zealand region. This leadership role would be evidenced by the length of time that the leadership role had been undertaken, the standing of graduates in both academic and the marketing profession, the successes of staff members with respect to research and teaching, career placement of graduates who
    A major leadership role in the marketing discipline as evidenced by the taking of leadership positions in the academies and practitioner organisations, with evidence of significant individual contribution which has led to changes and advancement in these organisations. Another form of leadership would be playing a major role in organizing the Academy’s conference.
  4. In addition, to qualify for membership a Fellow will have held continuous membership in the Academy for the previous five years and be expected to have attended at least three meetings during those past five years.
    While there is no absolute limit to the number of distinguished memberships awarded each year, the Executive is of the view that no more than three distinguished memberships would normally be offered in any one year.


A person may be nominated by a financial member of the Academy. This allows for self-nominations. Nominations can be considered at any meeting of the ANZMAC Executive Committee. However, the title of Fellow will be conferred at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy and will be accompanied by a certificate of membership. In any calendar year, nominations must be received by 30th September for consideration and conferral in the same year. Applications in writing should be sent to the ANZMAC secretary (email:) and should contain supporting documentation, a current CV and a statement outlining how the nominee meets the required criteria.

Application for Distinguished Membership form: ANZMAC Fellowship 2011 (rules criteria currently offline)

Current Distinguished Members List

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