International Visiting Scholar Program

Call for Nominations for ANZMAC International Visiting Scholar Program 2012
The ANZMAC Executive has established an ANZMAC Visiting Scholar program to support visits by suitably qualified scholars from other countries to universities in Australia and New Zealand. In the first year the emphasis of the program is on the Asian Region, with a specific focus on mainland China. But the program is not restricted to these countries.
The visits may take place at any time during the year. The aims of the program is to facilitate the development of international links between Australian and New Zealand based marketing academics and their counterparts from other countries and to promote international collaborative research in accordance with the internationalisation objectives of ANZMAC.
In order to increase the value to ANZMAC from international visiting scholars it is expected that they spend some time at other ANZMAC member Universities in Australia or New Zealand, giving research seminars and meeting with researchers. Such side visits will be funded by the institution hosting the side visit.
The maximum amount that ANZMAC can award for any visit is $5000 and preference will be given to proposals that involve partial co-funding by the proposing institution. As noted, in 2010, the first year of the award, the ANZMAC Executive is seeking applications focused on a visit by a scholar from a Mainland Chinese University. Members are invited to submit a proposal of a maximum of five (5) pages describing:
1. The purpose of the visit
2. The international visitor, including name, positions held, publications, research interests, teaching interests, prior international visits
3. The visitor’s University: status, research orientation
4. Value to ANZMAC and its members: potential visits to other universities
5. The host institution: researchers involved in organising the visit
6. Budget for visit, including use of ANZMAC funds and additional funding
Proposals will only be accepted from ANZMAC members and the visit must take place in the period from January 2012 to December 2012. Successful proposals must agree to publicise the support of ANZMAC in all marketing materials and communications relevant to the visit.
Applications should be sent to the
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