Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium aims to provide doctoral students from Australia, New Zealand and overseas a forum to meet and discuss their dissertation research with leading academics in the field of marketing and also meet fellow doctoral students from the region and across the world. A wide range of topics in the marketing domain and various methodological approaches are accommodated. Students from different stages in their PhD program are encouraged to apply.
The ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium usually directly precedes the ANZMAC Main Conference. The program tends to have two main components.
Student presentations to a panel of renowned experts in the field. This is a key activity of the colloquium. Students present their work to a experts and fellow students for in-depth discussion to receive comprehensive comments and suggestions.
Presentations and workshops by marketing academics aim to enhance research skills and provide advice on career progression relevant to doctoral students.
The Doctoral Colloquium is held in a cooperative, open and friendly atmosphere and is intended to be not only a source of scientific inspiration, but also a social event with opportunities to get to know academics and doctoral students from different institutions.


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