Hosting an ANZMAC

Conference Hosting Guide.

The main activity of ANZMAC is the hosting of the annual conference. This is held on the basis of one year in New Zealand and the next two years in Australia. For example, in 2008 the conference was held in Sydney (host UWS), in 2009 in Melbourne (host Monash) and in 2010 it will be held in Christchurch (host University of Canterbury).  Total attendance in Sydney and Melbourne exceeded 500 and it is estimated that in Christchurch will be around 400. Estimates of attendance at recent conferences held in Australia have been 65% Australian, 15% New Zealand and 20% international.  It is appreciated that circumstances will change from year to year and from hosting institution to hosting institution. Therefore the comments below based on previous experience are offered as a guide only and not as a prescription.

  1. Relationship between ANZMAC and hosting institution
  2. Timing and scope
  3. Bidding procedures
  4. Progress reports
  5. Financial arrangements
  6. Management issues
  7. Assistance

ANZMAC conference hosting guide

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