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  • Australian Awards for University Teaching
    Run by the Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching, and available in five categories of prizes, based on competitive criteria in all disciplines in the country.


Resources -> Presentation Resources

  • Slideshare

Slideshare is an open slideshow repository that’s free to join, has a few tiers of paid membership, and can be used to host a wide range of documents including powerpoint, word and PDF files.  This site is a great place to store your conference presentations you’d like to make public, and share with the world.  There’s an ANZMAC group for sharing conference presentations

  • Prezi EDU

Prezi is a web based alternative presentation platform that uses animation, semi-linear idea organisation, and a range of interesting approaches to present information. There’s three sections to the Prezi site, and



Policy note: Links to third party resources are just that – links to third party resources. ANZMAC has no financial relationship with any site linked here, and whilst these are recommendations, there’s no formal endorsement, no mandatory requirement for Academy members to use these services, and all the usual disclaimers about third party content apply.

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